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Agile Education Marketing

Underscore has worked with Agile Education Marketing since their launch in the PreK through higher education data and information space in 2009. Underscore designed their logo and developed their original brand identity. Over the years, Underscore has collaborated with Agile to evolve the brand to remain relevant in a changing marketplace. From developing Agile’s monthly content calendar to executing their email marketing program, Underscore is instrumental in driving Agile’s marketing plan and has played a significant role in Agile becoming a respected and trusted thought leader for education businesses.


Gratz College

Underscore helped Gratz College develop a new, more contemporary brand image to appeal to a wide range of adult learners seeking to enhance their careers as well as their knowledge of Jewish history and thought.



MARCIVE was Underscore’s very first client. We have worked with them for more than 15 years to promote their cataloging and information-discovery services to public, school, law, and corporate libraries. Martha the librarian was used in a year-long campaign designed to position MARCIVE as an affordable solution to the increasing workload and decreasing budgets faced by many libraries as a new discovery language is being phased in to use.



A robot that helps children with autism is a pretty revolutionary product. However, the original brand for Robots4Autism focused more on the technology rather than on the incredible personal growth children can experience working with Milo the robot. Underscore designed a new logo for the Robots4Autism program as well as developed brand standards for parent company RoboKind that combined a cutting-edge technology look with a warmer, more approachable design.



Check out a few of the other logos Underscore has designed for various education businesses.