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Through its innovative ACALETICS math program, Educational Development Associates has helped more than 400,000 students and over 400 schools dramatically improve classroom instruction and learning, test scores, and student competence and confidence in mathematics by providing supplemental instructional materials to educators and parents. Underscore developed a new graphic identity for ACALETICS and applied that design to several collateral pieces, including a brochure that provides an overview of the ACALETICS program and another brochure that outlines resources specifically designed to help educators align their instruction to Common Core State Standards for mathematics.
Schools and districts have a great need for document management. Brother offers educators powerful tools to help them distribute and manage documents across their systems. Underscore designed and wrote a series of flyers that are used at tradeshows and by the Brother sales team to showcase the solutions Brother offers. Underscore helped Brother identify the challenges educators face that Brother solutions solve and created messaging designed to connect with technology directors, business management personnel, and other decision makers within schools.
Colorado State University (CSU) Global Campus
CSU Global Campus is the online option for a variety of bachelor and master’s degrees offered by Colorado State University. Working within CSU Global Campus’s existing brand, Underscore developed new messaging and new visual elements to connect with prospective students at all stages in life: from those fresh out of high school to active and retired military looking to enhance their skills. Print projects include direct mail packages to graduates of CSU that promote the online master’s programs as well as ads in a variety of magazines.
Project RED
In 2010, Project RED conducted the first large-scale national study to identify and prioritize the factors that make some U.S. K-12 educational technology implementations perform dramatically better than others. Since that first study was conducted, Project RED has developed and shared resources designed to help educators maximize the impact of their technology investments on teaching and learning. Over the years, Underscore has helped Project RED publicize the results of the survey, their online community, available resources, and their new initiatives. Print projects have included a series of postcards to educators promoting the Project RED Learning Community, a brochure outlining the key findings of the national survey, and components of their edtech implementation toolkit.
Underscore designed the logo and developed the tagline for Reading3, a reading program that leverages reading aloud as a key component of building children’s literacy skills. In addition, Underscore wrote and designed a pocket folder that outlines the key elements of the teaching methodology, what makes it so effective, and results that educators can expect from the program.
VaritQuest printers are used by thousands of schools to create posters, bulletin boards, awards, and other visual learning tools that enhance the educational experience for students. Underscore designs VariQuest’s annual catalog and other sales-support materials, including eBooks, that showcase how educators and students can use VariQuest products in their classrooms.