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With so much focus on content marketing, inbound marketing, and social media marketing, where does direct marketing fit into the mix? In our opinion, it’s one of the best ways to support your other marketing strategies, particularly content marketing.

How do you get folks to start engaging with your social media channels? Send them an email inviting them to check out an article on Facebook or a new board on Pinterest. Have a new playbook or case study? Email is a great way to alert your customers and prospects alike that this content is available. When you’ve added new products to your online store, send a postcard or printed catalog to let people know that new things are available and worth a visit to your website.

Direct marketing allows you to precisely target your message to a specific audience based on key demographics to a degree still not available with social media and digital advertising. This type of microtargeting and messaging increases the relevance of your communications which invariably translates to increased response.

Underscore specializes in direct marketing and can help you with:

  • Developing a targeted direct marketing strategy, including whom to target, what to send and when to send it
  • Development and deployment of email campaigns
  • Development, printing and mailing of direct mail campaigns
  • Response tracking

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