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Heartwood Mills
For 70 years Heartwood Mills has supplied builders with quality hardwood building products such as log siding, mantels and custom trusses. Heartwood Mills uses email to connect with prospective suppliers and builders, alert customers of sales and special offers, and provide useful information about building trends.
Ireland Stapleton
This Denver-based law firm wishes its clients well each holiday season with a unique, personalized e-card that highlights the volunteer work the firm’s staff have contributed to the community throughout the year.
MARCIVE uses email very effectively to drive traffic to their sessions and exhibit booth at conferences.  Emails are sent one to two weeks ahead of the conference to registered attendees to promote MARCIVE’s sessions, booth number and giveaways.
Resource Associates
Email provides Resource Associates with a way to share informative articles, videos and webinars with nonprofits. Each month, Underscore Creative writes, designs, programs, and deploys a content-driven email to nonprofit organizations who rely on grants to do their work. The emails provide a teaser of the content and link recipients to gated landing pages to access the content. These monthly emails are an effective way of generating leads and positioning Resource Associates as a thought leader in the professional grant writing market.