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Colorado Newspapers in Education

Personalized emails and landing pages make signing up for free digital newspapers a simple task for educators. Twice a year, in the fall and spring, Underscore Creative works with Colorado Newspapers in Education to develop email campaigns to drive subscriptions to the program. Personalized URLs (purls) are used to link recipients to customized landing pages that include a subscription form that is pre-populated with the educators’ contact information. The use of purls streamlines the subscription process and reduces the amount of time educators have to spend filling out the form. Over the years, this has resulted in an increase of subscriptions.

Consortium on Reaching Excellence in Education, Inc. (CORE)

Email has proven to be an effective way for CORE to drive registration for many of their events, such as thought-leadership webinars, online professional learning courses, and onsite custom workshops. Strong calls to action that lead educators to informative landing pages have resulted in significant increases in interest for CORE’s programs.

Cricket Magazines

Cricket Magazines provide educators with high-quality nonfiction and fiction content that can be used to teach across the curriculum. Underscore Creative has worked with Cricket to create email campaigns that are targeted by grade level and subject to promote the best magazine options directly to K-12 educators.


With an annual subscription-based product, it’s important that NetRef stay in communication with their customers throughout the school year. Email is a good way to share product upgrade information and usage tips as well as useful information about educational technology best practices with NetRef users. These communications help to build a strong relationship with customers that confirms the value of their investment in NetRef.