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Altis Reach

The Altis Reach supplemental reading program for struggling readers is sold by independent sales reps. The company supplies each rep with a pull-up banner designed by Underscore Creative that can be used at regional conferences and tradeshows to promote the highly effective program.


Underscore Creative helped Espresso stand out in packed education exhibit halls by designing a 10′ x 20′ booth that welcomed PreK-5 educators in to explore this multimedia learning resource. The booth design incorporated Espresso’s signature characters, which helped to set it apart from more traditional, corporate booth designs. Three tall pillars were set up on the edges of the booth, and monitors were mounted on them so that visitors could explore the product themselves or watch a demo. Text on the side of the pillars facing the aisles where educators walked by clearly and concisely explained what Espresso is and how it saves teachers time and strengthens pupils’ learning and understanding.


To build brand recognition and consistency across shows, MARCIVE uses a unique theme each year to promote their attendance at conferences. Martha the Librarian is just one of the tradeshow themes that Underscore has developed over the past 15 years. The annual theme is used in exhibit display materials, pre-show emails and postcards, program ads, and more.

Math educators spend a lot of time lesson planning and developing practice problems for their students as well as problems for quizzes, tests and other assessments. Varafy turns a task that could take hours into one that takes mere minutes. Educators enter a problem into the Varafy system and in return receive thousands of iterations in an instant. Underscore helped to introduce this time-saving product to K-12 educator attending the NYSCATE conference. Educators were welcomed to a reception held by Varafy by an eye-catching poster inviting them in to learn about the magic of Varafy.