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Capacity Builders, Inc.

In the spring of 2015, Capacity Builders, Inc. hosted a two-day conference focused on the health and wellness of Native American youth and families. Speakers and sessions focused on the unique challenges Native Americans face in being active, obtaining healthy foods, and accessing healthcare services. Underscore Creative wrote and designed ads, flyers and email campaigns to promote the conference as well as wrote and designed the onsite conference program. Capacity Builders exceeded their registration goals.

City of Longmont

The City of Longmont routinely visits businesses, neighborhood groups, schools, and community centers to share information about environmental issues such as water quality and conservation. To help the city spread their message, Underscore Creative designed pull-up banners that are easy for city personnel to transport from meeting to meeting.


The LassoTag chip helps people keep track of their belongings from suitcases and laptop bags to purses and cameras. To gain awareness for this simple solution to lost and stolen items, LassoTag set up a kiosk at Denver International Airport. Underscore Creative wrote and designed digital billboards that directed travelers to the kiosk as well as the literature that was distributed by LassoTag at the kiosk.

Town + Country Cedar Homes

Town + Country Cedar Homes’ unique luxury log homes are front and center in the tabletop exhibit display and collateral that Underscore Creative wrote and designed. The company’s commitment to making the home building process enjoyable and stress-free is a consistent message in all of the exhibit materials.