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Agile Education Marketing |

Underscore Creative designed, wrote and coordinated the development of the Agile website in the Joomla CMS platform. Agile Education Marketing launched in the PreK-through-higher education data and information space in 2009. Underscore designed their original logo and developed their original brand identity.

Cantata Learning pairs books with music to help young children learn to read and learn subject matter ranging from science and math to social and emotional skills. Their books and songs are vibrant and engaging and Underscore Creative designed a website that captures the fun of the product as well as showcases their many titles.

GreyED brings together two groups of people that should be working together toward a common goal but frequently don’t — educators and edtech businesses. Underscore Creative designed and developed a site in WordPress that addresses the interests and needs of both audiences and promotes how GreyED can help both be more successful.

PR with Panache! |

PR with Panache! is a PR and inbound marketing firm that specializes in working with K-12 education companies. Underscore Creative collaborated with PR with Panache! to design and write a website in WordPress that reflects the firm’s expertise and unique personality.